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Coming back, and Hiring!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012
Exquisite is back with a new format and because of this, Exquisite is currently hiring! If you think you've got what it takes to be a part of the exquisite family, then don't hesitate to try out and apply! Spots to fill:
5 Graphic designers - at least five months of experience
5 Reviewers - has his/her own review shop at aff
4 One-shot writers - provide two completed works
Trailer makers (we're still deciding whether to add trailers in our services)

An official date is yet to be discussed but if you follow us on our twitter, @exqui23site we'll keep you updated. Exquisite had originally opened in the 23rd day of January last year with webmommy LADYGENERAL (previously known as iamaninjadude.) and webdaddy angelo_david, serving one-shots and reviews to fan-fiction writers out there. Now we've decided to bring it back because we've received positive feedback from tons of visitors and loyal customers. If you're not familiar with our site and our works, here are some trivial facts about Exquisite:
1. Exquisite is one of the very first few sites with just one word as its name.
2. All staff members believe that we are awesome. You'll get it once you're a staff here.
3. Throughout the site's reign- lols, reign- we received 105 applications from 96 applicants.
4. Exquisite originally served writers from Winglin.
5. Webmommy's first site management experience was with Creative Cookie Munchers and Beautiful Words.

So if those are not interesting enough for you... I'm sorry if we're boring. OTL
ANYHOOOTS, APPLY HERE! PS: DO NOT ASK FOR AFFILIATION YET. The tagboard is for immediate questions and approving comments for the sites' admins.